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Best Vitamin Brands for People Over 50

4 minute read

By natadm

There are a lot of factors that contribute to living a healthy lifestyle. A clean diet, regular exercise and a proper amount of sleep each night are some of the basics. Something you shouldn’t forget about either is making sure you’re getting a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals.

Your vitamin intake becomes a lot more important when you’re older. With so many different brands and variations, it can be hard to know which ones are trustworthy and can actually help you. That’s why we selected four trustworthy brands for you to consider on your next drug store trip.

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Here are some of the best vitamin brands to shop with.

CVS Health

If you’re looking for vitamins, going to your local CVS is a good place to start. The store carries a wide range of brands that includes their own called CVS Health. And CVS has made efforts to show themselves as a trusted retailer.

In 2019, they launched the “Tested to Be Trusted” program that requires third-party testing of all their vitamins and supplements sold. This is raising the bar of standards for pharmacies. This program means the 1400 vitamins¹ sold from 152 brands are properly tested to confirm they’re free of certain ingredients and additives.

Best Product: Spectravite Adult 50+ Multivitamin Tablets ($18)²

This multivitamin from CVS is highly rated among CVS customers. It’s a one-a-day tablet that is intended to give adults their daily dose of vitamins. This includes vitamin C, zinc, potassium and many more. There is research that shows multivitamins³ could increase energy levels, improve your memory and mood, in addition to other health benefits the variety of nutrients in the tablet can provide.

Kirkland (Costco)

Costco is a one-stop shop for anything and everything you need, including vitamins. Their Kirkland brand of vitamins offers customers a variety of vitamins in large capacities at affordable prices. You can shop these products online and also in their many store locations.

Best Product: Kirkland Signature Vitamin C ($15)⁴

Kirkland’s vitamin C tablets are one of the brand’s most popular choices. There are a lot of health benefits⁵ to consuming a vitamin C tablet everyday over age 50. It’s a strong antioxidant that may reduce your risk of chronic diseases, inflammation and heart disease.

If you’re part of the one-third⁶ of American adults with high blood pressure, Vitamin C might be able to help manage it. Plus, it works to boost your immunity and protect your body against infection which is important as you get olde.


Carlson has developed a good reputation for producing quality vitamins and supplements. They’re best known for their sustainable omega-3 products. They helped launch this product in North American back in the 80s using sustainable fish oil. It provides customers with the necessary health benefits of omega-3 in a tasty and high quality portion.

Best Product: Elite Omega-3 Gems ($23.50)⁷

Omega-3 is something that greatly benefits older adults and seniors. The essential fatty acids can help to reduce inflammation⁸ which is often linked to chronic diseases. It can help prevent irregular heartbeats and maintain healthy blood sugar. There are benefits to helping your brain⁹ too, since it can generate better blood flow and increased growth of brain cells.

Life Extension

For 40 years, Life Extension has been creating supplements in the U.S. that are scientifically designed to provide promised health benefits. They have a transparent approach, with each product receiving a Certificate of Analysis that gives consumers confidence in how their supplements were made. The online retailer was awarded the number one¹⁰ spot by Consumer Lab for Catalog/Internet Merchant five times, adding credibility to the business.

Best Product: Vitamin D3 ($7.50)¹¹

Vitamin D is one of the most crucial nutrients you need as you get older. The simplest way to get Vitamin D is spending time in the sun, but that’s not always feasible for people. That’s why this daily supplement from Life Extension is top rated among consumers.

Some of the benefits from vitamin D3 include bone health and immune system functioning. It’s beneficial for those looking to maintain a normal blood pressure while also supporting cardiovascular health.

Vitamins Provide Many Health Benefits

Getting your daily dose of vitamins is an easy thing you can do to help your body. These products can ensure you age gracefully and give your body the power it needs to keep you healthy.

Vitamins can be beneficial for people with certain medical conditions. If an existing condition leaves you deficient in certain vitamins, supplements can help make up for that loss. Look into the ways each nutrient can improve certain aspects of your health.

Talk to your doctor and find out if you’re deficient in any essential vitamins. This check up can give you the necessary information to fuel your body with what it needs to function healthily.




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