Gift Guide: 10 Travel Accessories All Savvy Travelers Need

Trying to choose a gift for jet setting travelers is difficult. Do they need luggage? A neck pillow? Or do they already have the essentials? There are countless accessories available, and it’s especially challenging to shop without knowing what frequent travelers actually need or want.

You don’t need to wander the aisles of your local stores aimlessly. We’ve rounded up the best gifts for savvy travelers: items they both want and need, presents they’ll never think to buy for themselves.

Here are the gifts every traveler would love to receive:

1. A Flexible Carry-On

Luggage can pose a lot of problems, and carry-on items are especially important. They need to fit special measurements required by major airlines, be easy to carry, and store enough for any getaway.

Buy the Paravel Stowaway Carry-On, and you’ll solve your favorite travelers’ luggage woes. Shaped like a traditional suitcase, the Stowaway collapses flat for easy packing and storage. It’s flexible, adjusting to any underseat or overhead storage, and big enough to carry a week’s worth of clothing.

2. A Comfortable Travel Pillow

Forget those half-circle pillows that do little to support the neck or head. Instead, buy what CNN Travel calls the most ingenious travel pillow: the Trtl.

Designed by a team of sleep experts, the Trtl is ergonomic and supportive. It wraps completely around the neck, cradling your head with a thin yet cozy pillow. It’s stylish too, resembling a scarf rather than a traditional travel pillow, and lightweight enough to pack in any kind of carry-on bag.

3. A Packable Yoga Mat

Conserving space is critical when traveling, and there’s little room for exercise equipment in the average suitcase. Make it easy for the travelers in your life this year by gifting them the YoFoMat, the world’s first foldable and packable yoga mat.

Instead of rolling up this thin, sticky mat, it gets folded into small squares. The YoFoMat is approximately the size of an iPad once folded–and the fold lines offer guidelines for alignment while getting a yoga flow on.

4. A Germ-Killing Balm

Frequent travelers are constantly surrounded by germs. Getting on a plane alone traps a traveler with others who are coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and even worse. Instead of gifting vitamin C or other ineffective cold busters, give the perfect anti-germ present: a balm that keeps illness at bay.

The Traveler’s Protection Balm from The Lost Explorer is an innovative solution made specifically for savvy travelers. Rub this balm right on your nose, and the essential oils get to work thanks to antiviral, immune-boosting properties.

5. An In-Ear Translator

Do you know travelers who are always heading to new countries where they don’t speak a single word of the local language? An in-ear translator is the perfect present for these globetrotters.

The Bluetooth Pixel Buds headphones sync with certain smartphones to translate what it hears into any language. Users can speak English into their phone and it’ll be translated back–and vice versa. It works with 40 different languages and is even good with non-recognizable characters.

6. A Waterproof Dry Pack

Traveling to new worlds and territories comes with risks–and one of the biggest is unexpected weather. Keep your recipient and their travel gear dry by gifting a Viciousvenom Elements Dry Pack.

Both stylish and protective, the Elements Dry Pack is a lightweight backpack that’s designed to keep everything inside dry. Featuring a waterproof liner and padding, travelers and backpackers alike can store their electronics inside without fear.

7. A Portable Cell Signal

Just because travel takes people to far-off places doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch. Gift your favorite traveler a way to stay connected to everyone at home with a portable cell signal.

Incredibly small and easy to use, goTenna allows travelers to go off-grid and carry their cell service anywhere. The goTenna works like a walkie-talkie, transmitting both texts and phone calls in areas that have zero service.

8. A Double-Duty Water Bottle

When traveling, space is at a premium. Objects that can multitask can be both space-savers and lifesavers. Help the travelers in your life pack a little easier with a water bottle that doubles as a foam roller.

Made by SKLZ, this innovative stainless steel water bottle will keep any drink cold for an entire day–and when you’re feeling sore, simply use it to massage any achy muscles. It’s perfectly sized for rolling under feet or hands, but can also be used on bigger muscle groups.

Give The Gift of Better Travels

When it comes to gifting the most frequent travelers, opt for presents that pack convenience and ease of use. You don’t want to leave your recipient struggling to find a place in their suitcase for yet another neck pillow. Instead, pick a gift that will give with every flight, every hike, or every new stay in a hotel.

Featured Tip

Don’t let your vacation days go to waste – make sure you travel! Only 23% of full-time employees use all of their days off each year, Forbes reports.