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11 Smartphone Accessories to Help You Take the Best Travel Photos Possible

Smartphones can do just about anything – and as they’ve gotten better and better, they’ve largely replaced DSLR cameras for non-professional photography. Smartphone photography dominates casual photography, and phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have worked hard to turn these tiny cameras into quality components. While today’s smartphone cameras are pretty impressive, they still lack…

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Get Ready for Black Friday with These Cell Phone Deals

The best way to score a deal on the hottest – and most expensive – cell phones is to get your phone with a new wireless plan. And, as Black Friday comes closer, cell phone companies are beginning to offer increasingly better discounts on both plans and phones. Here are the best deals on the…

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5 Reasons You Should Fix Your Cracked Phone Screen

At present, the vast majority of Americans have a smartphone that boasts an expensive but highly fragile glass screen. All too often, those slick screens develop a crack or two – or sometimes end up a spiderweb of cracked glass after just one drop. According to SquareTrade¹, Americans have spent at least $24 billion on…

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The Cheapest Cell Phones of 2018

Are you looking for a powerful, feature-packed smartphone but don’t have the budget for high-end models? Thanks to new technological advances, features once found only in the most expensive cell phones are now available at lower price points, giving you the freedom to choose the model you want without breaking the bank. Here are some…

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