The Surprising Truths Behind Life Insurance in 2018

Millions of Americans are overlooking life insurance and leaving their families unprotected if the worst were to happen. But the cost of 2018 life insurance policies are far less than most people know, leaving no reason to avoid coverage. Explore how you can save below.

According to a recent study, most Americans think life insurance costs 3x more than it actually does (2015 Insurance Barometer Study). This leaves millions uninsured despite the massive financial benefits.

In 2017 alone, USAA Life Insurance Co. and Lincoln Financial Group lowered prices on many term life policies, and others will be too, thanks to new state laws.

Plus, many online comparison services could be helping you get coverage now for as low as $15 a month.

These leading policies not only help cover financial costs, but also give you the peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care of in the event of your untimely passing.

With these simple term life insurance plans, you simply use it or lose it –  you pay an annual premium for the “term” of the policy (usually 20 years) and if you pass within those 20 years, your beneficiary will collect the specified amount indicated on the policy.

Follow These Steps to Compare the Best Options

If you have decided that you want your loved ones to be protected if a terrible situation were to occur, this is the easy and affordable way.

Once covered, you will rest easy knowing your family will not be left with figuring out how to cover the bills you may leave behind.

And thanks to online competition and the transparency happening in 2018, you could now quality for life insurance policies starting from $15 a month.

Like most things these days though, you can’t go on any website and hope you will find the best rates. There are specific resources out there that contain accurate and up-to-date information about the most affordable policies so start your search today!

Like anything, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the latest research. We recommend comparing at least 3 or 4 options before making a final decision. Doing a search online is typically the quickest, most thorough way to discover all the pros and cons you need to keep in mind.

Featured Tip

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