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4 TV Alternatives That Are Cheaper Than Cable

Are you frustrated with your monthly cable TV bill? You aren’t alone. With the costs of cable rising every year, it’s getting increasingly expensive to tune in to your favorite TV programs. If you’re looking for a way to save money, but you don’t want to lose your favorite TV channels, you need an alternative…

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Get Rid of Cable with These Streaming Options

If you have a cellphone, use Slack to communicate, and make purchases with ApplePay, but still have cable TV, you need to rethink your game plan. Expensive cable and satellite TV packages are quickly being replaced by platforms like Netflix and Hulu, which can be accessed via a Smart TV or Apple TV app, or…

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7 Great At-Home Movie Alternatives to Netflix

Remember video rental stores? For decades, physically renting a videotape or DVD was the only way to watch new movies at home. Netflix changed that in 1997 with the introduction of rentals shipped by postal service, and 10 years later, Netflix changed the industry once again with streaming video.  Streaming video now lets you watch…

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