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The Top Under-Desk Treadmills of 2023

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By Christopher Brown

An uptick in flexible work arrangements led to a surge in a number of different consumer product categories.1 The fitness equipment manufacturers boomed. They also responded to new needs with new and exciting at-home exercise products. Under-desk treadmills are a fantastic example of that.

Affordable, storage friendly, and lightweight, these innovative machines redefine the very nature of the office desk. Instead of sitting down all day, millions of Americans are staying up to date on their emails while getting their steps in. Today, we’re going to take a look at the brands and models leading this exciting new fitness trend.

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Lifespan TR1200-DT3

Cost: $1,1992

It may be one of the more costly models featured on today’s list, but the Lifespan TR1200-DT3 has some of the most intuitive features in the segment too. It’s a rugged piece of at-home exercise equipment that boasts a higher weight limit than most (350 lbs). It isn’t as easy to store as some of the slimmer models discussed here, but this thing is built to last.

Sunny Health and Fitness Asuna Treadpad

Cost: $699.993

Consumer product reviewer Tom’s Guide lists the Asuna Treadpad from Sunny Health and Fitness as the best under-desk treadmill on the market today.4 It comes pre assembled, runs incredibly quiet, and is very easy to move around the house. It doesn’t have a whole lot of extra features, but it does its job well. Anyone in the market for a top-end under-desk treadmill should pay particularly close attention to this one.

WalkingPad A1 Pro

Cost: $6995

The WalkingPad A1 Pro serves the segment of at-work walkers with limited space. This model isn’t a treadmill in the traditional sense. It’s a much smaller pad that sacrifices speed for storage space. With a max speed of a little over 1.5 mph, the WalkingPad A1 Pro leaves a little to be desired, but its automatic speed settings and modern design make it a serviceable, space-friendly option.

GoPlus 1HP Walking Treadmill

Cost: $4096

You shouldn’t have a problem fitting the GoPlus 1HP Walking Treadmill under your desk. The unit’s easy setup, slim design, and expertly positioned casters make it easy to move, store, and slide under any desk in your house. The 1-horsepower motor is only capable of achieving a four mile per hour pace, and it runs a touch louder than we’d like, but none of that takes away from the GoPlus 1HP’s durable build quality and affordable price.

Egofit Walker M1

Cost: $4597

The Walker M1 from Egofit can hit speeds as high as 3.7 mph, and is exceptionally maneuverable. Use the handrail for increased stability and fingertip controls, or fold them down to save space. Its reliable 2-horsepower motor is quiet to reduce disturbances, and the Walker M1’s price is quite competitive too. If you’re on the fence, Egofit includes a 30-day money back guarantee with the purchase of every Walker M1.

Unsit Office Treadmill

Cost: $2,4968

The Unsit Office Treadmill from iMovR is a premium product, that’s for sure. It boasts the quietest office treadmill base ever, with 50% more usable walking space, and bluetooth capabilities. It’s designed to be used in an office, with an engine tuned for walking and a treadmill deck that doesn’t take up too much space. The model even features a desktop control knob to simplify speed adjustments.

Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0

Cost: $487.289

The Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 is a popular under-desk model for lots of reasons. Its price tag turns heads, it’s easy to set up and start using, and it’s incredibly lightweight. The handrails fold down in just a few clicks, making it much more maneuverable and easier to store. You shouldn’t expect to do much running on the Task 2.0, as it tops out at 8 km/h. But, Bluefin’s treadmill could be the right choice for those looking to walk while they work.

Workout From Home

You should be able to pick out the perfect under-desk treadmill from the list of featured models above. But the machines mentioned here are far from the only ones available. Consumers are indeed spoiled for choice, with an endless array of options to explore and new models being released all the time.

So don’t stress if nothing here catches your attention. You don’t want to impulse buy fitness equipment anyways. Take your time, do your research, and make sure the next piece of gym equipment you bring home satisfies your needs.

Christopher Brown



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