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Tips for Managing and Preventing Daily Hair Loss

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By Christopher Brown

Discovering the early signs of hair loss can be devastating. Hair, and what we choose to do with it, is an intrinsic part of our self-expression. But, once you get over the initial shock of it and start searching for solutions, you’ll invariably discover that there are lots of natural ways that you can manage and even prevent daily hair loss.

Hair loss science has come a long way. As a result, there are countless new solutions of varying price tags and commitment levels available to explore and try out. But don’t go running away just yet because we’ve compiled a lengthy list of tips that you can try right now.

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Hair Loss Causes

There’s a popular misconception that hair loss is inevitable and mostly genetic. While that might not be inherently false, it’s far from the whole story.

Medications and treatments can lead to a loss of hair too, as can a variety of underlying health conditions and lifestyle choices.1

Tips for Managing and Preventing Hair Loss

Seeking medical advice to rule out an underlying medical condition should be your first step. But regardless of the cause, taking proactive steps to protect your hair is something that you can and should benefit from.

To learn more about which steps you should be taking, keep reading.

Adjust Your Diet

What you eat can impact the growth and health of your hair? Increasing the amount of protein and amino acids you consume may help.2 Consuming antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables may mitigate hair loss, too.3

Whatever you do, stay away from sugar, processed fats, and alcohol to the best of your ability. On top of those, you’d be wise to avoid extremely low caloric diets.

The Mediterranean diet has long been associated with positive health outcomes and generally regarded as a great place to start.4


The study referenced above clearly links hair loss to various nutrient deficiencies. And though it is best to source nutrients through whole foods, it’s not always realistic. Most health-conscious consumers choose to supplement their diet with a multivitamin.

Additional vitamin supplements can be added to your routine to help zero in on hair loss too. You’d do well to discuss Vitamin D, Biotin, and Ginseng supplementation with your doctor to see if any or all of them might work for you.

Wash It

Establishing and sticking to a regular hair washing routine is critical to promoting hair growth and health. Avoid shampoos that rely on harsh formulas and instead opt for a milder alternative.

When possible, allow your hair to air dry to avoid any undue scalp irritation.

Use a Soft Brush

The key to protecting your hair is treating it as gently as possible. Investing in a good quality brush made of natural fibers is a good place to start.

You’d do best to avoid brushing your hair while wet. Post shower hair is incredibly sensitive to damage. If you must brush it while wet, do so with a wide-toothed comb.

Regardless of the brush you choose, try not to over brush. Brushing or combing your hair too much can lead to thinning as well.5

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Being gentle with your hair certainly extends to chemical treatments. More specifically, this includes damaging processes like peroxide treatments and perms. Chemical treatments can damage your hair by making it more fragile and more prone to breakage.

As such, you’d do well to limit your use of dyes or opting for high-quality coloring agents when absolutely necessary.6

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

As flexible as hair might be, it still has its limitations. So, if you are at all concerned about protecting your hair, avoid any hairstyle that pulls and stretches it.

When given enough time, cornrows, tight braids, and ponytails can loosen the bond between your scalp and hair. Instead, opt for a looser, more natural hairstyle.7

Avoid High-Heat Styling Tools

Heat hurts hair follicles long term. Regular heating and drying dehydrates the follicle making it brittle and thus much more vulnerable to damage.

As convenient as they may be, avoid relying too much on flat irons, hair dryers, and curling irons in an effort to protect your hair for the long term.

Reduce Stress

Hair loss has long been linked to stress. And for good reason! Stress can increase follicle inflammation and lead to hair shedding.

One of the best things you can do for your hair and your life is make de-stressing a real priority. So, meditate, exercise, sleep more, and practice self-care as much as your day allows.

Quit Smoking

As if you need another reason to quit smoking. Kicking the habit for good can substantially improve your quality of life, reduces your risk of premature death, and can add as much as 10-years to your life expectancy.8

Smoking wreaks havoc on your hairline too. It can affect the follicular growth cycle and fiber pigmentation of hair. Even worse, smoking is linked to premature graying and hair loss.

No one is saying quitting smoking is easy but doing so will help your hairline.


Depending on the root cause, hair loss can be slowed and even prevented with the right plan and attitude. Maintaining a regular washing routine, adjusting your diet, quitting smoking, and vitamin supplementation may be all that you need to stop and reverse your hair loss for good.

Everybody is different. No one plan is right for all, but exploring the internet and testing some tips is the only way to go. Voicing your concerns to a trusted medical professional and heeding their advice may help reverse your thinning hairline without the need for pricey medicated shampoos or costly surgical interventions.

Christopher Brown



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